loyalty program

loyalty program


• In your own interest, the card is programmed so that the points are added when you present your loyalty card at your checkout or provide your pre-registered phone number.

• The use of the card Loyalty Metro is limited to its holder.

• Metro Loyalty Card is the property of Metro.

• Members must register their personal information and keep Metro informed of any changes.

• The points are not negotiable or transferable.

• The choice of gifts depends on the number of points available in one single Family account.

• The number of points required for each gift is clearly stated in our catalog.

• On redemption, you have to show your ID.

• Depending on the choice of the gift, the number of points will be immediately deducted from your balance.

• Metro offers a free loyalty card per family account, cards linked to the same account are also for free.

• In case you lost your card, a sum of 3.000 lbp will be required for a new card without losing your collected points.